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מלט טוב - צריך יסודות שאפשר לבנות עליהם
Raw Material
Ciment's cement is manufactured by a leading global corporation in the building materials industry, which operates in 90 different countries, including Greece. Two of their Greek factories were authorized by Ciment as conforming to the Israeli standard. The cement imported by Ciment features an excellent composition of materials using a strictly professional production process, which ensures a stable and durable result.
Cement Terminal
Ciment's cement terminal, located in the first private port in Israel, is one of the largest and most modern terminals built throughout the world. The computerized, quick and reliable operation of the terminal enables efficient acceptance, mixing and distribution of the cement, while observing the strictest environmental quality standards.
The Packaging Plant
Ciment's packaging plant, which packs the product in 25 kg or 50 kg bags, is based on the most advanced technology. The packaging is fully automatic and ensures zero loss and astounding packaging efficiency and speed.
Transportation and Delivery
Ciment proudly operates a completely new trucks fleet that enables us to ensure delivery of the cement to the customer's door, while fulfilling all the strict service conditions we set for our company.